Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a Gold Party PrincessTM representative in my area?

Call (416) 543-9700 or


How many people do I need to have at my party? 

A successful party is based on how much gold the guests bring. We will attend a gold party with a minimum of 6 guests.  It is ideal to have approximately 10- 20 guests. 

How long will the party last? 

That depends on the amount of guests and the amount of gold. The average party lasts approximately 2 hours.

When do you hold parties?

Parties can be arranged for evenings, weekends and weekdays. 

Do you provide an invitation?

Upon booking your party an invitation template will be provided to you. 

Do you pay for snacks and drinks? 

We will reimburse the host for up to $25 for snacks and drinks. You must provide original receipts to us on the day of the party. The receipts must be dated within 7 days of the party and the refreshments must be available at the party. We do not pay for alcohol. *

Can my guests be any age? 

Guests selling gold must be at least 18 years old and must provide us with a valid driver’s license.

Do you pay a referral fee? 

If you host a party and one of your guests decides to host a gold party of their own, we will pay you an additional $50. The referral fee is only paid upon completion of the new party. *

Can I host a gold party as a fundraiser? 

Yes. Instead of our usual 10% hostess fee we will pay 15% directly to a pre-approved registered charity of your choice. Guests can go home with money or they may choose to donate all, or part, of the proceeds of their sales to the charity. *

How do I become a Gold Party PrincessTM representative?

Call (416) 704-9559 or


Be sure to include your name and address, including your city and province. We will contact you with more details.

What types of gold do you buy? 

We buy all karats of gold, yellow, white, pink and green. We also buy platinum. We buy single earrings, broken and dented jewellery, rings, bracelets, necklaces, coins, new and used.

I am not sure if my jewellery is real? 

Our expertly trained staff will test the jewellery on the spot to determine the karat.

How much do you pay? 

After we test the gold and weigh it, we calculate the price based on the weight in grams and the current spot price of precious metals. If you sell us a plain wedding band you could easily receive $150.00. 

Can I have stones in my jewellery returned to me? 

We accept jewellery that is set with stones and we will offer a price including the stones. Our representatives can sometimes remove the stones on the spot, but we can not guarantee against damage so if you desire a stone for a specific reason, we recommend you have a professional jeweller remove the stone before selling your gold to us.  

What if I attend a party and I decide not to sell my gold? 

You are under no obligation to sell your gold. 

Do you pay cash or cheque? 

For security reasons we carry a limited amount of cash. Most payments will be made via company cheque.

Can I mail my old gold to you? 

Please contact us by email at  for further details.

*Fees and commissions may vary outside of the Toronto area.