turn your old gold into cash

To host a gold party at your home or office

Toronto and surrounding areas:
call  (416) 704-9559 
email louise



Home or Office Parties: As the host you will receive a 10% commission on all purchases made at your party. This means if we buy $5000 of gold from your guests you receive $500. It's simple. Invite your friends and family over for a fun evening or afternoon. You provide snacks (we will reimburse up to $25)*  If one of your guests decides to host their own gold party we will pay you an additional $50 referral fee.**

Fundraising: If you are planning your gold party as a fundraiser, instead of our usual 10% host commission we will pay 15% directly to a pre-approved registered charity of your choice.  Guests can go home with money or they may choose to donate all, or part of, the proceeds of their sales to the charity.

*You must provide original receipts dated within 7 days and the food must be available at the party.
*Gold Party PrincessTM will not reimburse you for alcoholic beverages.
**Referral fee only paid upon completion of the new party. 
***Fees and commissions may vary outside of the Toronto area. 

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